Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Divulges Trade Secrets In Acquiring Companies

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Forbes | Mark Zuckerberg divulges trade secrets on how to acquire companies. Photo Credit: Twitter/Forbes

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg and Google were racing at who’s the better company to acquire great businesses in a short span of time.  The Facebook CEO recently secured the Oculus VR.  Oculos is the leading virtual reality company and Zuckerberg is just too happy to announce its acquisition.  Zuckerberg announced it on Facebook and disclosed to the public its plans of making the world more open and connected through Oculos.  The company’s technology opens up possibilities of different experiences.  It stays true to its mantra that, it lets you experience the impossible.  They have several products to prove that.

Due to his acquisition of the Oculus company, many are wondering how does Mark Zuckerberg do it?  First, is to build a relationship with the founders of the companies.  Once they have established a friendship with each other, it will be easier to talk about acquisition plans in the future.

He also reveals that before these transitions happen, both companies have already talked about it in years, according to Business Insider.  Secondly, both companies share the same vision.  Zuckerberg got Oculos because they both have a collaborative vision.  It may be about the money, too.  But more than that, is the vision that both companies share and seeing their vision manifest.

A third strategy of Zuckerberg is scaring its opponents into submission.  He makes them realize that doing a business on their own, is hard.  Lastly, he wants things done fast and legit.  In acquiring Oculos, he persuaded Armin Zoufounoun to keep on pushing for it until they have a signed deal.  Zuckerberg believes that making deals are a competition and you need to move fast because there’s not a lot of time to waste.

Why does he want the Oculos so bad

Zuckerberg wanted Oculos so bad because he wants it to become the platform for any kinds of experiences.  This could be a new portal for sharing new experiences with family and friends online through virtual reality, reports Facebook.  Virtual reality, much like the internet, was only once a dream of a lifetime.  Now, it’s used by billions of people around the world who have access to it.  It is not impossible that virtual reality will soon be the next best thing.

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