Facebook Buys Social Media Discussion Site Branch

Facebook Buys Social Media Discussion Site BranchFacebook is taking a new branch, literally. The giant social networking Website has acquired a smaller social media site called Branch Media. The transaction is logically part of the company’s goal to make Facebook more interesting and more interactive at a time when more startup competitions are sprouting.

No other than Branch co-creator Josh Miller has confirmed the news through a Facebook post. In a simple statement, he was quoted as saying that the original Branch group would continue its mission but this time within the giant social network.

He has assured existing Branch users that the startup site would not be uprooted virtually and physically. He disclosed that his team would keep an office in New York City, where they would help develop the Conversations group of Facebook. This new project is aimed at facilitating connection among users based on common interests.

Selling to Facebook

Miller also recalled how he was finally convinced to sell Branch to Facebook. During his recent vacation in a Japanese mountain, he wrote that he and his team were asked by the giant company to ‘build Branch at the scale of Facebook.’ He also hinted that the offer was something he and his team could not turn down, although he refused to give any clue as to how much the transaction may have actually cost.

Branch was launched in August 2012 as a startup site under the umbrella of Obvious Corp, the tech incubator of Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. From its beginning, the site was already promising as it provided home for users who are into in-depth conversations. However, it has never been able to catch up with competition.

Rosy outlook

In the end, Miller refused to give in to allegations that he agreed to kill Branch. To respond to critics’ assertions, he simply reiterated how ‘incredibly bullish’ he is about Facebook and its prospects. He implied that he thinks Branch would continue to flourish as a social network under the Facebook umbrella.

He pointed out that at the end of each day, social networks would be most valued for their size and density instead of for volume of messages and photos shared. He said that in that aspect, Facebook has always been taking the sole supremacy. It is expected that Branch would be a bigger service if it becomes one of the features of its acquirer.

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