Facebook Allows Anonymous Access via Tor Browser

Facebook Allows Anonymous Access via Tor BrowserIn another odd measure by Facebook, the social networking site has just introduced a way for its users to access the site anonymously through software Tor. This is another step against the company’s former goal to disable anonymity within the Website.

It can be recalled that about a month ago, Facebook announced plans to ban users from using pseudonyms and fictitious names in their profiles in an effort to make the network safer. However, within just a few days after that announcement, it suffered a backlash when the LGBT community lamed it for allegedly violating their rights. Facebook stepped back and has seemed to turned over 360 degrees.

Accessing FB anonymously and securely

Tor is one of the popular open source projects. It was launched in 2002 as way for people to gain access to the online media without having to share data like IP address and physical location. Users of Tor can visit sites while remaining anonymous and undetected,

Today, anyone with Tor-enabled online browser can just go to https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ to secure Facebook server connection. This means that many Tor users will already be able to access the site reliably and effectively without having to deal with data identification.

This could be a way for users in countries with restrictions and censorship like Iran and China to get into the network. At the same time, this move could be advantageous to Facebook as it aims to continuously grow and attain more users across the world.

The link provided is said to work better than using Tor directly to get into Facebook’s regular homepage anonymously. There should be no hassle to be experienced when using the browser and link.

First time

It is the first time not just for Facebook but also for a site with Certificate Authority to facilitate connection with Tor users. Certificate Authority is a way to establish secure and reliable connections with users.

Anyone who wants to try this out may do so anytime without any difficulty. Thus, many observers now wonder what Facebook may soon be up to. Do you have your own guess?

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