Facebook adding TV Commercials to Advertising Sales

Facebook adding TV Commercials to Advertising SalesPowerhouse social network Facebook has announced plans to add TV-style sales advertisements to its website.

Each day over 100 million people around the global log on to a person or business facebook page for a number of social reasons. The dominating social network reports that 61% of users logged on daily during first quarter of 2013 making a goldmine of potential consumers for businesses to reach with advertising. This follows the company’s surprise upset of increased traffic and revenue despite predictions during the beginning of 2013.

The TV-commercial advertising will cost in the range of 2.5 million for a 15 second spot in the website and consumer reports indication several large named companies have already signed up for premier spots when the programming launches sometime late this year. Facebook has yet to release a beginning date for the new advertising and has little to comment on plans at this time. In addition, those companies planning to secure a spot are staying anonymous for the moment as the plan has not yet been made public.

Users of this social media network will find that commercials will be streamed directly into their page feeds in 15 second pitches. While Facebook currently sells video advertising that allows advertisers to upload their videos to their facebook page and then stream into a users feed, this new advertising technique will allow broad coverage through the million of daily users.

Advertisers will be allowed to target consumers for feed based on age and gender categories with the new advertising, narrowing the target audience for products even more than currently regulated. Video streaming currently done on the site is categorized by location and points of interest. The 2.5 million spent will give permission for a full day of advertising.

Concerned for the users, Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg intends to regulate commercial feeds in the hopes of many the advertising beneficial for markets without becoming a nuisance to Facebook members. Facebook users will not see the same advertisement more than three times per day and Zuckerberg intends to assure ads run once every 20 updates. The hope is that users will not report dissatisfaction in the Facebook experience despite new advertising.

The introduction of TV commercial advertising will place pressures on social media competitors such as Twitter as well as Allowing Facebook to compete with advertising giants Google and AOL.

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