Elysium Climbs to top off box office sales

Elysium Climbs to top off box office salesScience Fiction thriller Elysium topped box office sales, ending the weekend at over $30.5 in sales.

The newest science fiction thriller directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Sony Pictures came onto the Hollywood scene with a rather rocky start as critics compared the movie to BlomKamp’s first feature film ‘District 9’. Overall expectations for sales according to analysts for this second feature ‘ Elysium’ weren’t expected to come out with overall high numbers due to much buzz from critics and fans that the movie was nothing more than a copy of its original with a higher budget and bigger names.

A surprise turn around for the film ended this last weekend at over $30.5 million in sales, topping the charts and dominating over the other three main releases that made their debut this week. This was a modest celebration for the newest science fiction director on the block but still not close to the whopping $37.4 million his first film ‘District 9’ raked in its debut weekend. The film still has a ways to go to catch up to its $115 million dollar budget.

BlomKamp’s original film ‘District 9’ took fans by storm during its August 2009 release as audiences were sucked in to a frightening future for the human race, which also held some metaphorical messages for the way in which some countries inhabitants are forced to live even now. Many critics agreed that new release ‘Elysium’ carried much of the similar storyline as its original only now Matt Damon played the underdog lead character, giving it mediocre reviews.

The science fiction film was up against some worthy contenders in theaters this weekend including the R-rated new comedy from Warner Brothers ‘We’re the Millers’ starring Jason Sudeik and Jennifer Aniston which can in a close second with $26.6 million. Follow closely were runners up Disney’s ‘Planes’, spin off cartoon to popular movie ‘Cars’ coming in at $22.5 million and Fox products next in the series ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” with an over total of $14.6 million.

Elyuism released in several overseas markets including Russia and generated another $10.9 million for Sony products. Head of distribution Rory Bruer stated that the company was proud to release such an ambitious new science fiction thriller into audiences and had high hopes the film would be very profitable after ‘District 9’ total earnings of $210 million worldwide.

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