Elizabeth Taylor Betrayed & Stole Debbie Reynolds’ Husband – Then Left Him Behind

Studio publicity portrait of the American actress Elizabeth Taylor. Image from Wikimedia Commons/Dr. Macro

Debbie Reynolds husband Eddie Fisher probably got his just desserts when Elizabeth Taylor left him for another man.

With the recent death of Debbie Reynolds, many have come to find the name Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor linked to her name. What a lot of people do not know is the story behind the infamous love triangle in the 1950s.

According to People, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were a popular couple alongside Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Mike Todd. The four were such close friends that, when Taylor and Todd married, Reynolds was Taylor’s matron of honor while Fisher was Todd’s best man. Reynolds and Fisher even named their son after Mike.

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So how does a friendship like that end up broken?

After Mike’s death in a plane crash, Taylor was left grieving over her husband. Fisher consoled the young widow and, as stories such as these go, one thing led to another and Debbie Reynolds’ husband was caught in an affair with Reynolds’ best friend.

Heavy reports that Debbie Reynolds got the most sympathy from the public after news of the affair broke out. She was suddenly dealing with her husband cheating on her and raising two children all on her own. What the public deemed even worse was when Taylor married Fisher after that.

Taylor was known as a husband stealer and a homewrecker throughout the scandal. She later admitted that she fell in love and married Debbie Reynolds husband because she was still dealing with the loss of Todd. In 1964, Taylor and Fisher divorced.


Out of the three, it was Fisher who never got back on his feet. Reynolds went on to perform again while Taylor continued to become a top star. Taylor and Reynolds reconciled before Taylor’s death in 2011. And though that seemed to end well for the both of them, their story of friendship and betrayal is still widely known to this day.

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