Election Recount: Did Hillary Clinton Win Popular Votes Illegally

President-elect Donald Trump alleged without evidence that millions voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. Photo Credits: Flickr/gageskidmore

It is common knowledge that President-elect Donald Trump’s US Election 2016 win shocked many. She also asked them to give the President-elect an opportunity. However, supporters of Hillary Clinton have been campaigning for an election recount.

In fact, the move was made by Jill Stein, who raised millions for the election recount. Stein is the Greens Party nominee. They want to make sure that hackers did not have a hand in Trump’s triumph. The Clinton camp supports this as Stein pushes for an election recount in Wisconsin votes.

However, Trump is not impressed. He took to Twitter and called the former first lady a hypocrite. He also alleged that the Democrat benefited from voter fraud.

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NBC News states that the President-elect shot a barrage of tweets against Clinton. He slammed her for joining the demand for a recount despite conceding the election.

CNN also adds that Clinton’s campaign counsel Marc Elias said their investigation into voter fraud has not yielded any results yet. Despite this, they decided to get involved in the effort to ensure fairness” to those involved.

Election Recount: Donald Trump Confident About Win

However, Trump has dismissed a recount. According to The Washington Post, he spoke about Clinton’s 64 million vote tally, alleging sans evidence that millions voted illegally during the US Election 2016.

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” he tweeted.

However, it seems that his tweet is doing more bad than good. Fake news, rumors and conspiracy theories about a voter fraud are gaining ground.

Fake news about millions of illegal immigrants and aliens voting in this epic Presidential race have been circulating for some time now. Additionally, calls for a recount are gaining a stronger voice. However, Trump believes nothing will change.

Do you think Donald Trump’s allegations against Clinton are true? Let us know below.

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