Edward Snowden On Twitter Has 1.9 Million Followers In 27 Hours

Edward Snowden is now on Twitter

Edward Snowden on Twitter has amassed a massive following of 1.9 million users within roughly 27 hours since joining. The man who brought the NSA mass surveillance to light uses the handle @Snowden.

Edward Snowden is now on Twitter

Photosource: WikiMedia

As soon as he joined Twitter from his present asylum in Russia, his first Tweet, “Can you hear me now?” got 25,000 retweets within an hour, with 300,000 followers then. The former US intelligence contractor has described himself as, “I used to work for the government; now I work for the public,” in his Twitter account.

The events show that Snowden has more supporters than previously thought. Snowden is officially a fugitive, a traitor and a wanted hacker according to the  US Government. This, following Snowden revealing information that shed light on how the NSA would spy on US citizens.

Although a handful of tweets criticizing Snowden surfaced, they were easily overtaken by tweets that felt otherwise. Snowden’s attorney has confirmed that it is the man himself who controls the account.

The handle, @snowden had actually been allotted somebody else who had not used the account for three years. Twitter officials contacted the user and made special arrangements for the handle to be turned over to Edward.

The NSA account has 76,000 followers compared to Snowden’s 1.9 million followers. Interestingly, @NSAGov, the official NSA spokesperson account, is the only account Snowden has chosen to follow for now.

Snowden’s account on Twitter also sports a “blue checkmark” – a symbol that Twitter uses to mark the official Twitter accounts of celebrities and public figures. Twitter refused to comment on the decision.

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