E3 Conference Gives a Glimpse of Metal Gear Solid 5

E3 Conference Gives a Glimpse of Metal Gear Solid 5 -Phantom PainEager onlookers at this year’s Microsoft E3 conference received an exclusive glimpse into Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain.

Using a dramatically produced cinematic trailer the creators of ‘Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain’ enticed fans of the series with glimpses into the new game title soon to be released.  This installment of the popular game will be available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the newest consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One releasing this upcoming winter season.

Players can look forward to a slew of new features including ‘real-time’ game play with realistic night/day and even weather elements for extra realism. In addition gamers will find new ways of travel and some dynamic CQC with open-world gaming to explore and quest at one’s leisure. Creators also revealed some hints that this titles key villain will be a contemptuous snake known as ‘BigBoss’.

Using newest technology in Facial motion capture, Konami has recruited American actor Keifer Sutherland to portray this cunning new enemy. The goal of this decision was to provide realistic facial movements and voice-over for a classic character intended to appear straight out of the late 1940’s.

Additional new characters will also make a debut appearance in Metal Gear Solid 5 including ‘Quiet the Lady Sniper’, Child character Eli, Code Talker and Skull Face. Combined with the return of Otacon and Ocelot, fans of previous releases will find new depth in character stories and plots.

Real time game will also add new flavor to Metal Gear Solid 5 as no two experiences will be the same among players. Each level and area of the game world is toggled with real life time so that a player may reach different sequences during several times of day and even during weather changes. This will provide a unique and personal experience for every gamer as they progress through the storyline.

The decision was also made by Hideo Kojima to remove restrictive narrative with the addition of open world play, allowing characters to complete missions in any order they chose, mixing up experiences even further. This changes the title from a sequenced game to a decision-based, personalized world moving Metal Gear into the next generation of gaming design.

Konami has yet to announce a release date and the title is currently undergoing construction while designers work through the common problems found in open-world and real-time programming.

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