Dylann Roof: What You Need To Know About Charleston Shooter

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If you remember Dylann Roof as the man behind the Charleston church shooting back in 2015, then you might remember that his federal trial starts late this year and much attention has been given to him recently as it nears.

22-year-old American Dylann Roof was charged with the murder of nine African Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church during a prayer service last year. The weapon he used in the incident, which was a gun, was purchased from a retail store. Roof confessed to committing these attacks and admitted he had the intention of starting a race war.

Roof owned a website called The Last Rhodesian which had photos of him with symbols showing white supremacy and his views towards black people which are, according to a friend, seeing them as taking over the world. There were also photos that showed him waving the flag of the Confederate states and burning that of the U.S.

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The lawyer tasked to defend Roof is David Bruck and he is very experienced with capital cases. He is a staunch critic of the death penalty and much of his career was spent dedicatedly fighting against racial injustice against black people.

Roof, who according to the New York Times shows no remorse over the crimes that he committed, initially wanted to plead guilty but was advised not to do so by Bruck until it is certain that prosecutors want to impose a death penalty—and they do. Recently, Bruck filed a motion that the death penalty is unconstitutional and to allow Roof to plead guilty and serve life without parole.

“Mr. Roof will withdraw this motion and plead guilty as charged to all counts in the indictment.” Roof’s defense team said if the federal prosecutors will not push through with the death penalty.

The federal trial for Dylan Roof is set to be in November and the state trial on January the following year.

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