Dylan Roof: Here’s How & Why He Planned His Charleston Massacre

Charleston Church murderer Dylan Roof burning the United States flag. Image source: Twitter / @dexdexxx5

Dylan Roof was one of those white people who has planned, attacked, and took away black people’s lives in the United States. In a recent confession he made in court, Roof admitted how he planned his vicious attack in Charleston, South Carolina.

Back in 2015, Roof killed nine people in a church Bible study. The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church’s surveillance videos revealed how the murderer went out of the church with a gun. As just the members are closing their eyes for a final prayer, Roof opened fire and started shooting people.

A day after the massacre, FBI took a two-hour confession out of Roof, along with his handwritten journal found in his car.

According to The Guardian, the Prosecutors are now using his confessions against him as the Charleston case trial goes on.

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The document, which was read aloud in court, included different dubious stories about African-American enjoying slavery, as well as claims that segregation was needed in order to prevent white people from being dragged down.

In his journal, Roof wrote: “How could our faces, skin color and body structure be so different, but our brains exactly the same?”

Murderer Dylan Roof Wants Race War

In another passage, he voiced out: “I would love for there to be a race war. I won’t lie, I think every white nationalist dreams of a race war even if they deny it. But I’m not sure we even need to have one.”

Roof also told the authorities he thought of shooting drug addicts instead of the ones in church. However, they might just shoot him back so instead, he chose the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The Sun reports that Roof has chosen the said church since he was sure enough there probably wouldn’t be any white people there present in the scene; that people there are more likely black.

“I knew that would be a place to get a small amount of black people in one area. They’re in church. They weren’t criminals or anything.”

Racism That Lead To A Massacre

Roof told the prosecutors he did not immediately fire upon his entry. In fact, he sat there for about 15 minutes, thinking if he would do it or not. Just when the people are about to finish their prayers, Roof started killing people in what he noted as “the oldest black church in the South.”

In his journal, he also mentioned how he thinks white people are stupid and violent. “We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.”

Dylan Roof is charged with 33 federal counts, which include hate and murder crimes. His defense team, aware he’s guilty of what’s being charged on him, only asks that his life may be spared from the death penalty.

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