Dylann Roof Gets Death Penalty: Here’s What He Did

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/RT America | Dylann Roof sentenced to death. Photo Credit: Twitter/RT America

Dylann Roof received life sentence for the infamous killing of nine black people in a South Carolina church.  His conviction includes 33 federal charges, and hate crimes which referred to a fire he started in 2015 during a Bible study.  The jury found him guilty of all charges on Thursday.

Esther Lance, daughter of one of the victims, wanted to see Roof get the death penalty.  But, she felt that her late mother, who once worked as a custodian at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, would not want such a punishment for her killer.  Her mother, Ethel Lance, who was 70 years old at that time, was one of the victims of the shootout that happened in June 2015.   

Details on Roof’s sentencing

The jurors took three hours to think of a verdict for Dylann Roof.  During the hearing, Roof was impenitent.  He told the jury that he felt the need to do it and still feels the same way about it, reports BBC.  Roof even told the police that he wanted to start a race war.  Somebody also photographed Roof holding up a confederate flag that symbolizes hate.  Hence, the flag got removed from the Carolina Statehouse where it used to be for half a century.  

During the trial, the prosecutors pictured Dylann Roof as a hard and cold killer.  He also wrote a 2,000-word race rant that revealed some of his most inner thoughts.  There, he revealed that he chose Charleston because it’s the most historic city in the South Carolina state.  He added, that it also has the most number of blacks to whites, according to CNN.  The police also saw a video of him laughing after killing those victims.

South Carolina is still healing from the wounds of its past, even now that Roof has been sentenced.  In a statement made by Governor Nikki Haley, she said that she hopes the survivors, the families and the people of South Carolina can finally find some peace now.

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