Dubai Police Force gets Google Glass to fight crime

Dubai Police Force gets Google Glass to fight crimeGoogle Glass has received its fair share of criticisms in US, but that doesn’t undermine the actual value of its technology. The wearable managed to impress a lot of critics and users for its design and functionality and Google finally made the device publicly available earlier this year for $1500.

Over the past one year, we have seen plenty of uses for the device in different industries, especially healthcare and today, we hear that the device has found yet another application.

According to a local newspaper in Dubai, authorities have approved the use of Google Glass for its police force. This means that, soon you’ll see Dubai Police officials wearing Google Glasses to protect its citizens.

Dubai Police is known for its high tech gadgets and toys. Just last year, a number of new Lamborghini sports cars were made available for everyday patrol. At that time, the officials said that these cars made sure
that the prestigious image of the country was kept. And now with Google Glasses, officials are taking things to the next level.

What was one of the biggest disadvantages of the device i.e. the possibility of facial recognition is now its most highlighted feature. According to officials, the newly approved wearables would keep a check on all those who are wandering the streets of Dubai, regularly alerting authorities when a suspect’s face print is recognized. The device would also help in regulating traffic rules and will record and keep a track of vehicles involved in motoring offences.

In the initial phase, officials will just keep a record of traffic violations on road. However, a few months later, in the second phase, the software developed by Dubai Police Department will be put to use. The device would link the wearer with the database of suspects and will recognize anyone who matches the print.

“We’ve done the application that’ll be working on those glasses. Once it’s going to be launched, it will be used for two things. One part is the police can take pictures of the traffic violation with Google Glass and upload it to our system. From there they can issue the traffic violation to the driver.”

Colonel Al Razooqi further added, “Another part is a kind of analytic tool with which the Glass can read the plate numbers automatically and check against any wanted cars.

High speed cars like Porsche, Ferraris and even Buggati Veyron along with such high tech gadgets will definitely help officers maintain law and order in the country.

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