Don’t Mix Pesticide With Water: 4 Children Die From Poisonous Gas

Don’t mix pesticide with water. Photo Credit: Flickr/Michelle Tribe

 Four children have died from poisonous gas in a residence in Amarillo, Texas.  A resident had mixed pesticides when washing with water after fumigation. The pesticide, called phosphine gas, contains aluminum phosphide.  

The chemical mixture results to a poisonous gas when water gets mixed with the pest control chemical. This kind of gas can cause respiratory failure.  It can also cause pulmonary edema, in some cases, that fills more fluid to the lungs, according to authorities.

Initial statements from Amarillo Fire Capt. Larry Davis said that cause of death is due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  The incident happened 5 in the morning.  The gas was so poisonous that one child was immediately found dead at the scene.  The other three children lost their lives at the area hospital.

The authorities also withheld information to the public.  These include details and information on the casualties, including the children’s ages and relations.  But fire official said that all four casualties were residents of the home, reports Fox News.

Slow Poisoning: Pesticide with water

Exposure to the gas caused the deaths.  The family was exposed to the chemical mixture.  The gas accumulated in their home, with the children breathing in the poisonous air.  This has been going for several days, reports Yahoo News.  It was a slow poisoning process.

A visitor of the family arrived Monday.  He discovered that the residents are sick.  If not for this person, there would have been more deaths other than the four.  The visitor called 911 for help, alerting the medics.

The poisonous gas also left six other people hospitalized from Texas, according to authorities.  These people are now in a stable condition.  All of them were admitted at the Amarillo hospital.  One patient was transferred to a hospital in Texas Panhandle, Lubbock.  The authorities did not disclose any information on the transfer.  Also, the authorities did not release information on the patient to the public.

All of the responders were sent to the hospital for a check-up, as a precautionary measure.  According to reports, the police, fire, and medical response departments, have to undergo a routine check-up in the hospital.   Also, fire officials confirmed that none showed symptoms of any illness coming from the poisonous gas.

A simple act of mixing pesticide with water can cause harm.  No matter how simple it is,  it can kill.  It can not only harm your family and friends, but also others whoa re purely innocent.

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