Donald Trump Getting Sued Because Of Foreign Payments To Firm

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/President Trump | Donald Trump during his inauguration last January 20, 2017. Photo Credit: Twitter/President Trump

President Donald Trump is facing a probable lawsuit filed by constitutional scholars, Supreme Court litigators, and former White House ethics lawyers.  The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW), was also among the suers.  The lawsuit comprises Trump allegedly violating the Constitution.  This is through allowing his hotels and other businesses to accept payments from foreign governments.  

There is a barrage of lawsuits filed against Trump since he came into office.  There are also liberal organizations who are now on the move to file lawsuits, as well.  This is their way of challenging a Republican administration, according to reports.

In the lawsuit filed, the lawyers discussed a provision in the Constitution, known as the Emoluments Clause.  It refers to banning of payments from foreign governments, much like what Trump’s companies do.  The clause also aims to prevent corruption by accepting gifts, payments, and favors among government officials of the United States of America, reports The New York Times.

Separating running the business and running the country

Trump planned to separate himself from his businesses and let his sons take over.  But, according to CREW, the action is not enough to ensure that his companies will have no influence on him as President of the U.S, reports Yahoo News.  According to CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder, they did not want to get to this point.  But, Trump did not do the necessary steps to avoid such conflict with the Constitution before he took office.  He said that it forced them to take legal action as Trump’s violations were very serious.  

Some legal experts think that the lawsuit has little merit to prove that Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause.  They believe the case’s dismissal is imminent.  Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son, who is vice-president of the Trump Organization is sad over the harassment his father is getting.  According to him, these are purely for political gain.

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