Derailed NYC Train Injures 34

Source: cutdekProd Twitter

A total of 34 passengers were injured after a New York City train got derailed this morning. The cause of the issue has yet to be known but many reports note of the public transport’s aging infrastructure.

According to metropolitan transportation authority chairman Joseph Lhota, the emergency brakes kicked in and caused it to derail. However, New York Times confirmed that Lhota didn’t expound what activated the brakes or if the problem is related to the transit’s worsening infrastructure. For now, we’ll have to wait until the investigation finds out the true cause of this derailing. 

Last 2015, a part of the subway wall fell on a train and caused an accident that hurt more than a hundred people. However, this recent derailing had less victims compared to the 2015 accident in New York. Every passenger survived albeit half of them were sent to the hospital for minor injuries. During the accident, many of the passengers were shocked as no subway announcements were made and some even claimed to have seen smoke during the event. As seen on cutdekProd’s footage on Twitter, the incident wasn’t too intense during the evacuation.

As expected of subway accidents, it adds to the repairs needed for the subway to continue. The Pennsylvania Station will also be fixed in the coming days along with the damage done in Harlem. Officials predict a “summer of hell” as several train tracks can’t be used starting July 10. Commuters are encouraged to find a different route to go to their intended destination once the repairs start.

Governor Andrew M Cuomo expressed that New York’s citizens deserve better: “While the investigation is ongoing, this morning’s subway derailment is an unacceptable manifestation of the system’s current state. New Yorkers deserve better”. At best, we can only expect for the subway to return to normal or wait for infrastructure improvements.

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