Derailed NYC Train: Human Error Accusation Is An ‘Oversimplification,’ Says Subway Worker Representative

A derailed NYC train caused plenty of panic the other day, leading to a number of injured passengers. Due to the accident that occurred, two supervisors who oversaw the track were suspended without pay, which some have described as unfair. The investigation is still ongoing, so many feel it’s too early to blame the two supervisors until more proof is found.

Subway officials blamed the derailment on “human error,” hence the immediate suspension of the two supervisors; Jason George and Sean Mirriam. Union leaders have defended the two workers, stating that the investigation hasn’t even finished yet and how authorities have to review the track procedures. According to the New York Times, new authority chairman Joseph Lhota said storing equipment between tracks was common practice, but the piece of rail that caused the derailment should have been removed immediately.

“The rules are the rules, and they didn’t follow the rules,” Mr. Lhota said during an interview. It’s the main reason why the two were suspended, echoing the infamous “human error” statement earlier. John Samuelsen, the President of the Transport Workers Union Local 100 had other things to say about that statement.

“The decision not to have the rail collected by a work train was a decision by management,” Samuelsen said. “It is oversimplifying the tragedy by calling it just human error on the part of the supervisors.” Considering the ongoing investigation and the rushed suspension of the two supervisors, the statement does make sense.

Injurung 34 passengers and gaining a number of lawsuits, the NYC train derailment is a black spot in the history of the city’s subway system and travelling in general. Daily train riders are now more afraid to go to a train, but have no choice since this is their only source of travel. Only time will tell if the two supervisors are really to blame and if their unpaid suspensions are just.

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