Demi Lovato Fights Michelle Rodriguez In New Music Video, “Confident”

Perhaps taking note from Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood, Demi Lovato is definitely kicking butt in her latest music video, Confident. The “Cool For The Summer” singer is shown doing a series of kicks and punches, proving that she’s a femme fatale you do not want to mess with.

Following her latest hit, “Cool For The Summer” which she performed with Iggy Azalea during the MTV Music Awards, “Confident” is the latest hit off of Demi’s forthcoming album of the same name.

The music video, which was exclusively released by Marriott, was directed by the man behind Spy Kids and Sin City, Robert Rodriguez. “Confident” begins with Lovato being released from maximum security prison after striking a deal with U.S. Marshalls to bring in Michelle Rodriguez’s character.

Before being stepping out though, Lovato is branded on the arm with a mysterious symbol. Dressed in a form fitting black Lycra suit, Lovato and her team of men track down Rodriguez and are about to bring her in – when the men turn on her.


After a series of choreographed punches and high-flying kicks, Lovato manages to fend off the men but is no match for the Fast and Furious star. After being on the receiving end of a butt kicking, Lovato finds herself on a bus in police custody but manages to escape.

Lovato then proceeds to knock out her captors before jumping out of the back of the bus, only to land on top of Rodriguez’s truck which was following close behind. The ladies, again, engage in a fist fight before the two realize that they both have the mysterious mark on their arms.

With that said, Lovato and Rodriguez’s characters then decide to stop beating each other and to instead, team up and to take down the men who set them up.


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