Dell and Microsoft sign cross patent Android, Chrome OS agreement

Dell and Microsoft have reportedly signed a new patent licensing deal which will allow the company to sell Android and Chrome OS powered products. However, the agreement is unlike any other contracts signed by the company in recent times as it mentions cross sharing of patents.

Usually, Android and Chrome OS manufacturers sign such agreements with Microsoft to pay royalties, in return for the license of some patents.

A cross patent deal simply means, Dell too will offer something to Microsoft for licensing their patents. Unlike other contracts, Dell will license some of its patents in return for the patents from Microsoft. The agreement will benefit both the parties and will help them develop their products. However, it’s not clear whether Dell will pay reduced royalties or no royalties at all after the deal. Also, both the companies are not willing to comment anything outside the press release, so exact details of the deal is still unknown.

“Today’s announcement builds on our history of collaborating to bring new technologies to market. The relationship between Dell and Microsoft continues to help Dell deliver choice and flexibility to customers looking for the best technology to meet their needs,” said Neil Hand, the vice president of End User Computing Products at Dell.

Dell and Microsoft have signed such agreements in the past and are known to have a good relationship. In fact, Dell has plenty of Windows products in the market like Dell Venue 8 Pro and Windows 8 laptops. So, these companies have a history of collaboration.

While it’s common for companies like Dell to license patents for selling Chrome and Android devices, what Microsoft is looking from the deal is still unknown. The press release states that the company is licensing some patents from Dell, but it still does not reveal as to how it will benefit Microsoft.

The most reasonable guess would be to improve its existing Xbox console. Experts claim that the deal could give the company rights to some unnamed intellectual property license which will be used in Xbox.

Meanwhile, Dell can now sell its Chromebooks and Android products in the market without the fear of getting sued. The company has a number of Android tablets including its budget tablet, Dell Venue 7 along with Chrome OS products like the latest Chromebook 11.

Most of these products are aimed at the budget market and hopefully, it will remain the same even after the deal.

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