Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One the Next Generation in Survival Horror

Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One the Next Generation in Survival HorrorAfter discovering that the Xbox 360 did not have the capabilities to produce Dead Rising 3, the title has been moved to the new Xbox One system for a new generation of survival horror.

Dead Rising is a popular title centered on a world post zombie apocalypse. The third installment in this title series will offer up even more heart-stopping game play than the previous two combined with new features such as:

Larger, open play world

Players will enjoy the ability to freely explore the city of Los Perdidos while continuing to complete missions as found in Dead Rising 1 and 2. Producer Mike Jones described this new open-world as the areas of both Dead Rising games rolled into one, making the playing area considerably larger.

The city of Los Perdidos is the one of the largest city in Southern California and will consist of four main areas for characters to explore. Each area will complete with missions to complete and challenges to overcome.

Added Game play

Gamers will find that there is plenty to do with Dead Rising 3. Exploring new areas of the city, encountering new challenges and an entirely new set of missions to complete are just starters for this title. Microsoft’s new Smartglass system allows players to connection to the Zombie Defense and Control Network for the addition of even more content and missions.

Another unique feature to this new title is the weapons selection. Players will now be able to create their own weapons, allowing characters to strike back in new, creative and even gorier ways

Intense Horror and Action

Dead Rising 3 has introduced stunning new graphics giving more realism to the horde of zombies awaiting players in the city. With the built-in kinect system, the dead will now be able to hear noises coming from your home and respond. The newly upgraded zombies are smarter and designed with AI and collective awareness making this title even more frightening and intense than that of any zombie game produced.

Wandering through a post-apocalypse city destroyed during the onset of the zombie infection, combined with an eerie silence and sounds of the waiting undead will find players lost in this terrifying city. Technology brings the interaction with zombies’ right into gamer’s living rooms making a receipt for heart stopping hours of realistic play.

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