Dating Service Offers $100,000 Tweeting Job to Edward Snowden

Dating Service Offers $100K Tweeting Job Edward SnowdenEdward Snowden has been unemployed for quite some time now for obvious reasons. But now, after bracing world headlines and obtaining an asylum from Russia, the former NSA contractor and whistleblower is getting another unsolicited but highly attractive job offer.

Online dating site has publicly offered him a job as the company’s spokesperson. The way would be relatively hefty at $100,000 annually. Day-to-day responsibilities would be handed over to him. Most of the tasks would require him to make tweets each day, about a hundred at minimum. It was not just clarified if the 100 tweets would be within a day or a week. is a dating service that tries to hook travelers with sex workers in particular airports. The Website describes itself as a new and exciting venue to meet people. With the addition of Snowden in the team, it would certainly get a boost.

Contract restrictions

But the contract to be offered to Snowden would come with just a few strict provisions. First, he must not engage in leaking any classified information about the US in his capacity to work for the site. Second, he must try his best to be allowed to return to the US. And third, as mentioned, he must send out 100 tweets at the minimum directly from an assigned airport.

The Website’s interest to hire Snowden must have emerged from the fact that he stayed in Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow for several days after he flew from Hong Kong. His charmingly good looks and some hints of charisma could be another factor.

Reaching Snowden has been using different channels to relay this offer to Snowden, aside from making it public. But the company remains patient even if it expects not to hear back from the prospective new recruit soon. Hunting him may be more challenging now. According to reports, Snowden is currently staying in homes of several American friends who are based in Moscow.

On a more serious note, the most popular Russian social network, VKontakte, offered employment to Snowden last week. The company was trying to recruit the controversial personality to become one of the Website’s programmers. That job offer was made just a few hours following the temporary asylum given by Kremlin to him. The catch is that Snowden would be tasked to help VKontakte protect its users’ personal information.

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