Current Mortgage Rates of Chase Bank, US Bank Corp and Freddie Mac (7/24/13)

Current Mortgage rates of Chase Bank US Bank Corp and Freddie MacToday, Chase Bank presented their 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 4.250%. Their 15 year FRM is at 3.500%. Chase Bank’s 7 year adjustable rate mortgage can be had at 3.375% and their 5 year ARM at 3.250%

For US Bank Corp mortgage rates, starting off with their 30 year fixed rate mortgage, it sits at 4.500% today, with an annual percentage rate of 4.739%. FHA has theirs at 4.500% yielding a 5.101% APR. About, US Bank Corp’s 15 year FRM, it can be had today at 3.500% with an APR of 3.830%. FHA has their 15 year FRM also at 3.500% but with a higher APR of 4.205%. The 10 year FRM of this bank is presented today at 3.375% and it has 3.903% APR. For the shorter term rates, the 5 year ARM can be had at 2.500% having an APR of 3.287%.

Moving on to Freddie Mac, they have their 30 year fixed rate mortgage for this week at 4.370%. Their 15 year FRM for this week is 3.410%. And lastly, their 5 year adjustable rate mortgage is at 3.170% this week.

Looking at the three banks, Chase Bank offers the lowest rate for the 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 4.250% today while US Bank Corp and Freddie Mac has theirs at 4.500% and 4.370% respectively. Regarding the 15 year FRM, Freddie Mac is presenting the lowest rate among the other banks. Freddie Mac’s rate of 3.410% sits lower than the 3.500% of both Chase Bank and US Bank Corp. When it comes to the shorter term 5 year adjustable rate mortgage, this time US Bank Corp has the lowest offering for today at 2.500% compared to Chase Bank’s 3.250% and Freddie Mac’s 3.170%.

Disclaimer: The rates quoted above are basically the average advertised by a particular lending company. No guarantee of taken from the lender’ aspect whether the borrower will qualify for the mortgage rates mentioned in the article. The lenders dole out interest depending upon various facets, some of which may be unique to the borrower.

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