Current Mortgage Rates from Wells Fargo (November 12 2013)

Current Mortgage Rates from Wells Fargo nov 12Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) published their 30 Year Fixed mortgage at a steady rate of 4.500% with a corresponding APR value of 4.673% today.

No changes in the FHA/30 year government loan category which remains at a rate of 4.250%, with an APR of 5.936%. Borrowers are advised that all rates including 30 year and 15 year fixed mortgages from Wells Fargo are published based on, “the refinance of a single-family, primary residence, that you pay 1% of your loan amount toward the loan origination charge, a 60 day interest lock-in-period.”

The popular borrowers choice 15 Year Fixed rate mortgage category remains at 3.500% today with a corresponding APR of 3.795%.

The 5 Year fixed Rate ARM is on the books today at a rate of 3.000% with an APR of 3.076%.

The 5 Year ARM FHA is available today with a rate of 3.000% and a corresponding APR value of 3.945%.

The 30 Year Refinance Fixed Rate Mortgage is on the books for an increased rate of 4.625% today, and is accompanied by an APR value of 4.755%.

The 30 Year FHA or government loan saw no changes today and is on the books today at a rate of 4.250% with an increased APR rate of 5.887%.

The 5 Year ARM showed no changes over the weekend and is available to borrowers this afternoon at 3.250% with the corresponding APR rate of 3.124%.

30 Year Fixed Jumbo Loans are still at 4.125% with corresponding APR at 4.237%.

The 5 Year ARM Jumbo Loan rate is listed at 2.375%, with an APR 2.808%.

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Also making news today, the San Francisco based banking giant is experiencing growth in their mobile user experience. Armin Ajami, VP and senior product manager for the lender, said that they now have 11.5 million “active” users.

“Mobile helps customers have control of their finances, so fundamentally that’s the overarching goal of everything we do.” Ajami said.

Disclaimer: The advertised rates were submitted by each individual lender/broker on the date indicated. Rate/APR terms offered by advertisers may differ from those listed above based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and other differences between an individual loan and the loan criteria used for the quotes.

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