This is How Current Cancer Treatments are Helping Americans Live Longer

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Cancer treatments are always a big issue in the US because cancer is the single biggest cause of death in the entire country. Major steps have been taken when it comes to treating cancer. Furthermore, they have managed to reduce the mortality rate for all types of cancers over the decades.

So which cancer treatments are helping people to live longer?

Early Detection is the Ultimate Treatment

The single most potent weapon for curing cancer is detecting it early. One study reveals that colon cancer caught early has a 91% five-year survival rate, compared to 11% when caught late.

There are similar numbers for all forms of cancer. The reason for this is that it’s nearly impossible to cure cancer after it infects other organs. This is how cancer shuts the body down and kills the patient.

America has taken great strides to make sure that screening is a priority for people. For example, 67% of adults in the US now receive the recommended number of screenings for colon cancer. It may not sound high, but it’s much higher than it was decades ago.

Changing Diet Can Have a Big Impact

It’s well-known that consuming large quantities of certain foods can contribute to cancer. So surely it makes sense that consuming the right foods can help fight back against cancer?

A book called The China Study did some groundbreaking research into how diet can change a cancer prognosis. It’s a view echoed by the world’s longest mesothelioma survivor Paul Kraus.

He believes in making dietary changes, and he credits it with helping him to live with the disease for so long.

Plus, further research is now being performed into how making dietary changes can both prevent and cure cancers.

Brand New Chemotherapy Treatments

Chemotherapy has long received criticism for potentially causing more harm than good to cancer patients. The reason for this is that chemotherapy exposes the entire body, rather than just the cancer site. The resulting weakness can lead to the patient fading.

But a new form of chemotherapy, known as HIPEC chemotherapy is starting to become the procedure of choice for advanced stage cancer patients. It’s one of the few treatments that could potentially save an advanced stage cancer patient.

The way it works is that chemotherapy is only administered to the cancer site, rather than the entire body. This allows the cancer site to receive a higher dose of radiation.

It’s also safer for the patient because the rest of the body hasn’t been fully exposed to chemotherapy.

Last Word – Advancements are Yielding Results

The various advancements displayed here are just some of the ways in which cancer treatment is evolving. It’s led to an increase in how long patients are able to survive for after their prognosis.

And in many cases, patients are beating back their cancer for good. This is only going to progress even further in the coming years.

Do you know anyone who has tried any of these advanced cancer treatments?

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