Cristiano Ronaldo Transfers To Manchester United; Moves To Be Closer To Son’s Mom?

Machester United may be seeing the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to its team, but also in the running to land the Real Madrid superstar are French giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

With Madrid boss Rafa Benitez ready to sell, PSG have made it evident that they will pay whatever it takes to claim the 30-year-old, including wages of over US $750,000 a week.

However, Ronaldo has always enjoyed his time with United and the Premier League, making the Manchester team more favorable for the footballer in spite of PSG’s upper hand in monetary edge. Madrid hope to reclaim majority — if not all — of the US $120 million fee they paid for Ronaldo over six years ago.

Reports claim Ronaldo wants to return to Old Trafford as well — but could it be for a reason entirely different from the sport he plays?

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It is a well-known fact that Ronaldo has a son, named Cristiano Jr., from having a one-night stand. What isn’t well-known is who his baby mommy is. Friends say the Real Madrid striker met her in a nightclub in London and later slept with her in a hotel. Upon finding out she was pregnant, the 20-year-old woman contacted Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes.

Following a DNA test to prove Ronaldo’s fatherhood after the baby was born in 2010, a deal was struck between the football star and his son’s mother: US $15 million in exchange for all her rights to the child. Following the deal, the woman went off the radar; according to a clause in the contract she signed, she is not allowed to tell anyone — including her family — that she is the mother.

However, six months after giving Ronaldo full custody, the woman — said to be a British student — began hounding him, regretting her decision to give up her child. When asked if she could see her son, Ronaldo has been said to taunt her by saying he may consider her requests… if she repays some of the money given to her upon the sealing of their agreement.

“She’s often calling him late at night,” said a source close to the woman. “She cried down the phone to him and pleads with him.”

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The source added, “She feels like she has sold her soul. She has this millionaire lifestyle, but can never tell her friends and family the truth about what has happened — and that makes her incredibly lonely.”

Meanwhile, a an established player and friend of Ronaldo’s has said, “As far as [Ronaldo] is concerned, it was her choice, her decision. He says, ‘She has zero rights to my son. She’s not seeing him ever again.’ But he keeps taking her calls as, deep down, he’s worried that she’s going to try to fight him to see the child and he wants to know what she is thinking.”

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Ronaldo has stated he intends to inform his son of his unknown mother someday, but when exactly he plans on telling him remains fluid.

On his son growing up without a mother, he said, “For me it is not a problem… When Cristiano is going to grow up, I am always, always going to say the truth to him because he deserves [the truth], because he is my son. But I am not going to say because people want me to say.”

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