Could this be the HTC Nexus 9 tablet?

Could this be the HTC Nexus 9 tablet?We are already in the final quarter of 2014, but we still don’t have any official news on the upcoming Nexus devices. Earlier rumors predicted that the new Nexus lineup would be unveiled in Q3 2014, in which case, we should have already seen the device. Obviously, that didn’t happen and the best guess right now is an October end or early November release.

As we near the end of the year, we are seeing new leaks and reports about the upcoming device and like earlier predictions; at least one of the devices will be made by HTC.

Now that Evleaks is no longer active, we were wondering whether we would see any prototypes or final renders of the device as we haven’t seen anything concrete for the past few weeks. However, last Friday, Upleaks showed off a picture which it claims to be the Nexus 9 prototype. The overall looks of the device is in line with what we heard a few months back and it could really be a Nexus prototype.

But if it’s a prototype, we can’t say whether the final device will end up exactly like this one. Still we expect the overall design to be more or less the same.

The tweet says that the HTC made Nexus may not feature a metal body like its other flagships. So, users probably will have to be happy with a plastic finish. Moreover, the image reveals more of a squarish design rather than a rectangular shape, which isn’t surprising given that earlier leaks had hinted at a 4:3 aspect ratio design.

Today, we also saw a device made by HTC at FCC which has a striking resemblance to the above design. Unfortunately, as FCC focuses on just the Wi-Fi and other connectivity details, all we know as of now is that the device has the label NM80P82100 and it comes with Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth and NFC. But these are standard on all major devices these days, so it doesn’t help much.


Earlier reports have indicated that the 8.9inch Nexus 9 would come with NVIDIA Tegra K1 chipset, 2GB RAM, 16GB/ 32GB storage options, 8MP rear camera and a 3MP front shooter.

Neither HTC nor Google has said anything about the release date of the device, but we expect it to be pretty soon. By soon, we mean sometime around November, when Google will also officially release its Android L update.

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