Coolest Cooler overthrows Pebble as the most funded project on Kickstarter

Coolest Cooler overthrows Pebble as the most funded project on KickstarterFor the past two years, Pebble has been the most funded project on Kickstarter. And since the company achieved that feat, hardly any other projects have come close to Pebble’s figure of $10 million. Even movies like Veronica Mars which was funded on the website could not reach anywhere near this figure. So, many people naturally thought that nobody could take away this title from Pebble.

However, to everyone’s surprise a project has finally overthrown pebble as the most funded project on kickstarter. It was not a movie, or even a new invention, but it was just a cooler who managed to achieve this feat.

I am sure, you would have guessed by now, it’s the Coolest Cooler, which made headlines a few weeks back that is now the most funded project in Kickstarters history. The project just recently raised over $10.35 million, well above the $10.2 million raised by Pebble. And this isn’t even the final figure as the project still has two days until it ends. And with this new coverage, we are sure that the project will find a lot of new backers in the next two days.

While Coolest may not be the ideal project that you would think will break records, the cooler does have a few tricks up its sleeve to explain its tremendous popularity. Coolest is made for the fun crowd who likes to party at beaches and have a great time.

Apart from being a cooler, Coolest has a Bluetooth speaker which can be fixed on it or detached according to your requirement. Further, the device comes with USB charging ports, which means you can charge all your gadgets even at the beach. Inside, there are lights which will come in handy especially at night, a compartment divider which also doubles as a cutting board, a bottle opener and a storage area for plates.

But the best feature of the device is probably its inbuilt blender which can make drinks for you and your friends right on the beach. The blender complements the cooler and makes it one of the hottest products expected to hit the markets next year.

Backers can get the device for $185 after which it will retail for $299. The campaign page adds that Coolest will start shipping to backers around February next year. So we expect it to be available commercially sometime later in 2015.

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