Contents of Apple’s $300 Lucky Bags from Japan revealed

Contents of Apple's $300 Lucky Bags from Japan revealedNew Year is a good time to have fun and shop around. You get a lot of good deals right at the start of the year. But for Japanese people, this particular day is made extra special thanks to the various offers and “lucky bags” that many retailers offer throughout the country. They call them ‘fukubukuro‘ which are bags with undisclosed items inside them. Most of the time, the total value of the products inside these bags are around the same value as the price you pay for it, but sometimes, if you are lucky a bag may contain items which are much costlier and premium than regular offerings. This is why they call them “lucky bags”.

Like most retailers, even Apple’s brick and mortar stores in Japan follow the traditional and this New Year many came in and bought these bags which cost 35,000 Yen each which roughly comes to around $300. No one knows exactly what you’ll get inside these bags, but if you are lucky, for $300 you can get high priced products like iPad Air or even Apple’s MacBook Air laptop along with other limited edition products.

Unfortunately, Apple does not reveal the number of lucky bags that go on sale every year, or the number of MacBook Air laptops that will be hidden inside these bags. Even the employees in the store have no idea what’s inside each of the bags which leaves the buyer wondering whether he is in fact the lucky guy to get a brand new MacBook. But more often than not, you’ll end up with an iPod model or a new iPad Mini. Some bags even feature the latest iPad Air models or the MacBook Air laptops, but they are pretty rare.

In case you are wondering, these products come in a limited edition InCase laptop backpack which itself costs $130. Then there are other limited edition products like Mophie Juice packs, speakers, laptop cases with special lucky bag prints, Apple TV or even a pair of wireless Beats headphones. All in all, you can get tech products up to $730 in value by paying just $300. But as mentioned earlier, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the product that you like. For example, if you already have an iPod model, another iPod won’t be of much use to you.

So, if Apple started this “lucky bag” tradition in US, would you take the risk of putting in $300?

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