Chromecast allows mobile phone to control TV

Chromecast allows mobile phone to control TVGoogle’s Chromecast, the latest product to hit the market Wednesday, has users talking as the device reduces the time it takes to stream video from the internet.

By plugging the device into an HDMI port on a television, a user can go to Netflix or Youtube, choose a video, click “Cast,” and the video goes right to the screen.

The Chromecast is a dongle that uses WiFi to turn on the TV and play the video.

According to users, the device works better with a good internet connection and only turns on the television after adjusting the TV settings.

Chromecast automatically turns on the TV and turns to the appropriate input channel and starts playing the video.

Roku and Apple’s TVs are on the market for nearly 100 dollars each, while Chromecast costs 35 dollars.

When comparing Chromecast to Apple’s Airplay, the Airplay is compatible to Apple devices, while Chromecast supports both Android and iOs devices.

The device is automatically recognized when the user first opens Youtube or Netflix. Google Play’s Music and Video are also available apps on the gadget. Google plans to add Pandora next, says Bloomberg.

Chromecast has the ability to control play-back setting from multiple mobile devices as well. Another feature includes users being able to view online content on television, too. The user can surf the internet while video is streaming.

Bloomberg said not everyone wants to watch videos on their computer or tablet when they have a larger TV screen at home. One of the downsides is that Chromecast doesn’t have a TV and remote to go with it, according to Time.

In 2016, standalone set-top boxes are expected to multiply to 26 million units from 14 million in 2012.

The dongle is the Google’s third try to contribute to TV, while the initial attempt was the Google TV set that got poor reviews.

The second attempt was the announcement of the Nexus Q last summer, but the device was seen as too expensive on the market, according to Bloomberg, so the company quickly withdrew the product.

With the release of the Google gadget, Netflix offered a three-month free trial to buyers. While the offer doesn’t show up in the Play Store, according to Phandroid, the Google Chromecast offer site still has the Netflix offer listed.

Bloomberg also reported that the Chromecast is selling well since Amazon has recently sold out and other sellers are asking for a higher price.

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