Samsung: Choose Stylus equipped Galaxy Note 4 over iPhone

Usually when Samsung releases a TV advert for its flagship product, it never fails to mock its greatest rival, Apple. We have seen many instances where the company convinced (or at least tried convincing) viewers that its flagship was better than other rivals.

However, when Samsung released two new TV ads for its Galaxy Note 4 phablet recently, it didn’t mention Apple or even the bendgate issue, rather the advertisement just concentrated on the usability of the device.

This is a very different strategy from the company to promote its own products and we will have to wait and see whether it works better than its past advertisements.

The first advert focuses on benefits of the large 5.7 inch screen of the Note 4. It starts saying that Note 4 is much more than a screen. So, the device is a window, a front row seat, a camera which clicks good pictures even in low light and finally a notebook.

As you can see, Samsung is trying to attract viewers by focusing on the functionality of the device. However, with this feature centric ad, the overall video comes out a bit bland. As a result, we feel the advertisement fails to grab the attention and the hearts of the user unlike the usual inspiring Samsung adverts.

The South Korean giant released another video on the same lines. This time around, the video shows off a blonde girl taking advantage of the various features of the inbuilt stylus of the Note 4. Once again, the video focuses on the basic features of the stylus like cutting a picture from the screen or even copy pasting one into notepad.

While the two videos does inform the practical uses of the new Note 4, unfortunately it fails to generate the kind of excitement that you would expect after seeing a Samsung advert. All these years, marketing and
advertising has always been the plus point of the company and hence, we expect it to do a much better job promoting its latest flagship.

In fact, we feel the videos takes cue from Microsoft’s Surface adverts that we saw about a year back. Unfortunately, that’s not a good thing and we would love to see some great ads from the company in the coming few months.

Also, the company needs its devices to do well in the market as both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (the direct Note 4 competitor) has received tremendous response from customers.

Check out the advertisements and tell us what you feel.

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