China Warns Washington To Stay Away From Taiwan

China urges US to not let Tsai Ing-wen visit Washington. Photo Credit: Twitter/Alghadeer English

China has since made it clear that there should be no contact between Taiwan’s government and anyone from the U.S. government.  This warning followed, after Beijing knew about Texas Senator, Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott’s meeting with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen.  

Cruz and Abbott met Taiwan’s leader on Sunday.  She reportedly passed through Houston, as she was making her way to meet with Taiwan’s Central American allies.  Cruz revealed that he and Tsai talked about arms sales, diplomatic exchanges, and economic relations.  This, however, brought the ire of China as it is opposed to that kind of association.  China, up to this day, still claims to own Taiwan as its very own.

China vs Taiwan: The feud continues

Ted Cruz also revealed that prior to his meeting with Tsai, he received a letter from the Chinese consulate asking them not to meet with the Taiwanese leader and uphold the “One-China Policy”.  Cruz, however, told China to stay away from America’s business with Taiwan.  This reply angered China even more.

The President-elect Donald Trump’s transition made it clear that they would not meet with Tsai.  China, however, has been a watchful hawk as soon as Tsai landed in the country for any possible meet-up with Trump’s team, reports The New York Times.  This surveillance on Trump’s part happened when he violated diplomatic protocol.  He reportedly spoke on the phone with Tsai Ing-wen last month.  

To make matters worse, Trump questioned a U.S. policy that shows China does not have any official relations with Taiwan.  Now, things are getting grimmer, as Trump continues to disobey diplomatic protocol.  According to Xinhua News Agency, world peace depends on the close ties between China and the United States.  

This is not the first time a Taiwanese President visited the United States.  In fact, many have landed on American soil and met with various politicians in the past.  China has just been extra watchful over the U.S. these days, based on the current rift between them.

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