China Serves Up Zombie Fish On Menu

Cooked Fish Writhes Alive in Stew

A fishy video that has surfaced online is making news for its raw spookiness and its disgusting spectacle.

Cooked Fish Writhes Alive in Stew

Cooked Fish Writhes Alive in Stew

A customer from the Yuexiu District in the Chinese province of Guangzhou has recorded the incredible moments of what was apparently a cooked fish coming back to life. The delicious sweet and sour fish stew, which would have been appetizing on any regular day, lost its appeal when the fish began moving.

Despite its body being all cut up and cooked into the sauce, its movements did not cease.

The diner skillfully uses black chopsticks to enjoy the pinkish white delicate flesh of the fish, completely ignoring the twitching of the fish every time it is touched. The elegant grey fins of the fin seem to flutter in struggle and writhe in pain, as it slowly is eaten, bit by bit.

How the zombie fish sprang back to life to see itself eaten after being diced and cooked up is an astounding mystery. Even more stomach-churning is the feat of the diner who devoured the dish calmly and comfortably even as the fish moved and responded.

The spooky cases of fish springing back to life at the most unexpected moments is not new. Earlier this year, a woman was caught by surprise as a beheaded and gutted fish jumped away from her catch as she was cleaning it. She and her husband and were seen having a good laugh from the sudden surprise.

Would you eat a zombie fish if it came alive in your plate tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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