China Not Happy With Tillerson’s Statement On South China Sea

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/JohnWickofPolitics | Rex TIllerson is in hot water with China. Photo Credit:Twitter/JohnWickofPolitics

With the recent rift between Trump and China due to the violation of some policies, there is another controversy between these two powerful nations.  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, suggested on Wednesday a threatening strategy that involves banning China from the South China Sea. Rex Tillerson is the former CEO of oil giant ExxonMobil.  His suggestion to ban the Chinese is very provocative according to a local tabloid.  Unless, Tillerson has the guts to wage war against this Superpower, there is no any other way to suppress China’s exploration of these islands.  So, they suggest Tillerson prepares for nuclear strategies if he wants China to back down.

China has strong feelings about Tillerson’s statement

But, China dismissed such remarks as something not worth taking seriously.  The Chinese think that Rex Tillerson’s remarks are naive, shortsighted, prejudiced and are unrealistic political fantasies.  If he acts on it, it will be disastrous, according to them, reports CNN Politics.  In addition, if Rex Tillerson really thought about that strategy, then he needs to know more about the China-US relations and diplomacy.

China claims about most of the abundantly-rich neighboring islands like the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.  China claims about $ 5 trillion in each ship trade every year.  The neighboring countries have claims too, reports Reuters. President Barack Obama, during his time, made sure that there was a free navigation in the South China Sea.  

He sends out naval and air patrols to make sure of that.  This action, however, caused the ire of China.  Because of this, Obama increased the number of military in the area, an act that Trump will mimic as well.   During his term, Obama planned to unify Southeast Asian countries to go against China.  But, others are just too afraid to challenge China’s government and anger them.  

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