China Has No Control Over North Korea, Trump Says

Donald Trump slams China for not controlling its ally, North Korea. Photo Credit: Twitter/RawStory

US President-elect Donald Trump brought the ire of the Chinese when he recently criticized China on Twitter for not doing their best in controlling North Korea.  He added that China benefits greatly from its trade with the United States, but does not help them with the North Korea issue.

On Sunday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced that the intercontinental ballistic missile is almost finished.  Last year, they also performed two nuclear tests and missile launches which made the Americans fearful.  North Korea, after all, plans to hit the US mainland as soon as its nuclear weapons are ready.

What Donald Trump really thinks on China-North Korea relationship

Donald Trump never had a solid policy with regard to North Korea.  But, during the presidential campaign, he suggested that he would force China to wield its power over its greatest ally and trade partner.  He also suggested meeting up with the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un, reports the Telegraph.  Donald Trump added that he admired the Mr. Kim for eliminating his political rivals in the past, and that included his uncle.  

Ruan Zongze, an International Relations expert at the China Institute of International Studies, however, sees Donald Trump’s tweets in a different light.  He said that President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets is signalling Beijing to double its efforts in handling the Democratic People’s Republic of China, according to Reuters.  He also believes that giving sanctions alone would not resolve the issue.

According to Mathias Maass, an associate professor at the Yonsei University in Seoul.  He said that North Korea still needs time to perfect and complete its nuclear capability.  By then, China would already find it hard to handle Pyongyang.  China lies between two powerful allies.  It has since been hoping to take control of DPRK and accept China’s leadership.   However, the reason behind North Korea’s willingness for nuclear capability is to once and for all, liberate themselves from China.  

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