China Disagrees With Donald Trump About Negotiating On Taiwan

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“Everything is under negotiation, including ‘one China,’” said President-elect Donald Trump in his interview with the Wall Street Journal recently. However, Chinese officials were quick to slam the statement. They believe that not everything is up for negotiations. US’ approach to the ‘One-China policy’ is one of those things.

Lu Kang, spokesman from China’s foreign ministry recently issued a statement offering China’s take on the issue. An article in Time states that according to Kang’s statement, the one China” policy is “non-negotiable.” “The government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing China,” said Kang’s statement. “That is the fact acknowledged by the international community and no one can change,” it added.

Despite the protests, Trump’s actions show that he is not bound by the ‘One-China policy.’ Chinese officials, believe that Trump is just using US policy on Taiwan as a ploy to negotiate between the two countries. Even Trump’s incoming chief of staff, Reince Priebus, opines that there will be no change in the ‘One China’ policy going forward. However, one cannot forget the fact that Trump was critical of the country in his race to the White house. Additionally, he also had a telephonic conversation with Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan on December 2. This further annoyed the Asian leader even more.

An article in The Guardian states that China has already warned Trump that there won’t be any deal with Beijing that involves Taiwan’s political status. Kang further elaborated that Trump needs to understand that the Taiwan question is a “high sensitivity” issue. Hence, he needs to approach it with utmost “prudence and honour.”

Trump and ‘One-China’ policy

An article in the BBC states that ‘One-China’ policy refers to the policy that accepts that there is only one state called ‘China.’ Wikipedia adds that those countries seeking to build relations with Mainland China can do so only if they break all the ties with Taiwan. The US recognizes this. It has a policy, which establishes and maintains ties with the People’s Republic of China, and not Taiwan. Also, since recognizing Beijing, US has only maintained an unofficial relationship with the island of Taiwan.

However, Trump is critical of Beijing. He has slammed the country at different points during his Presidential campaign this year. He criticized the country for its military-build up in South China sea and accused it for manipulating its currency to put American companies in a disadvantaged position. Things went downhill for US-China relations after he called the President of Taiwan on December 2, states an article in The call was significant as it acknowledged Taipei and Taiwan to be separate from Beijing. This, many believe is a symbolical back-tracking on the ‘One-China’ policy and decades of Us-China relations.

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