China and U.S. jointly pledge to cut down Greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas

China and the U.S., the world’s economic giants and leading greenhouse gas emitters, have pledged to cut their greenhouse gas emissions over several years. The U.S. has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 percent before 2025, and on the other end China pledged to start cutting down its emissions after 2030.

The first round of negotiations this year were held in Lima, Peru in January, and the next ones will be held in Paris in December of this year.

The White House has introduced the president’s blueprint intended to help cut the emission of greenhouse gases within ten years. The blueprint brings together several domestic initiatives that were underway, such as plugging methane gas leaks from petroleum refineries, increasing vehicles’ fuel economies, and adopting green methods of generating electricity.

China finally broke silence over its concern about greenhouse emissions and said it will increase non-fossil fuel to at least 20 percent of its total energy after 2030. That means it would require approximately 1000 gigawatts of nuclear generation and renewable energies.

Most countries have not yet submitted their anti-greenhouse emission plans despite having signed a U.N. accord in Peru that required them to submit individual plans online by end of March. According to climate policy analysts, it’s important to keep to the timetable because this enables each government to prepare and analyze its individual climate change plans and those of other states.

By the deadline, only Norway, Switzerland, and the European Union had complied with the deadline. Most of the leading polluters, including Brazil, China, Russia, and India are expected to submit their plans between June and October.

Experts have predicted that such delays mean there will be no substantial agreement by end of this year.

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