Cheap Unlocked Versions of Moto G Launches in the US

Cheap Unlocked Versions of Moto G Launches in the USMotorola is into developing and manufacturing cheaper smartphones that would certainly lure budget conscious consumers across international markets. One proof is its cheaper version of its flagship Moto X, dubbed as Moto G.

The company has started rolling out and selling Moto G on GSM 8GB as well as 16GB versions through its Website. The aim is to please cost-conscious handset enthusiasts across the US, who are in search for affordable smartphones with amazing features.

Most reviewers are just being honest when they declare that Moto G is comparatively farther from the speediest smartphones on the market today. This is quite logical as the device runs on quad-core Snapdragon 400 with 16GB of RAM.

Interestingly, the new Moto device still does not come with 4G or LTE connectivity. But Moto G has one major positive point—it comes with a much heftier battery life compared to most other mobile phones in the market today.

Going cheap

Needless to say, it is actually the practical price tag that is most appealing about Moto G. This could be part of Motorola’s long term business strategy. Not known to many, the handset manufacturer has already been spending years trying to persuade consumers in developing markets to finally switch to Moto.

Motorola keeps its hopes high that Moto G would finally be its passport to global recognition. Many users ask the company to keep the phone’s features intact to favor many buyers and fans from around the globe.

Moto G would serve as Motorola’s latest endeavor to try conquering the market, where there is stiff competition among manufacturers. This time, the company is obviously taking the tried and tested way of luring customers through lower costs.

Pricing scheme

So how cheap is the low-cost Moto G? According to sources, the 8GB version of the handset would cost about $179. Meanwhile, the 16GB model would adopt a price tag of $199. Motorola has pointed out that the cost is much more reasonable for unlocked and contract-free smartphones these days.

There is just uncertainty whether it would do well in a market where consumers are used to enjoying wireless carriers’ subsidies as well as the lower on-contract handset price tags. By now, it is not yet clear how cheaper Moto G would get if it is purchased with phone subsidies under the typical two-year subscription contract.

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