Chase Bank’s Current Mortgage Interest Rates (Thursday, August 21, 2014)

Chase Bank's Current Mortgage Interest Rates (Thursday, August 21, 2014)JP Morgan Chase Bank (NYSE:JPM) is a reputed financial institution in the US and it is known to offer several home mortgage schemes to the potential home buyers. Their benchmark 30 year fixed rate mortgage scheme is really popular amongst the probable shoppers. The potential home mortgage shoppers who were willing to visit their nearest JP Morgan Chase bank  branch for acquiring a reliable mortgage deal might get a bit disappointed with the interest rates as the bank chose to make little or no changes in them today.

The standard 30 year fixed rate mortgage interest rates at JP Morgan Chase Bank have been provided at a rate of 4.250% yielding a starting annual percentage rate of 4.336% as on August 21, 2014. Home mortgage shoppers who do find these mortgage schemes to be expensive can opt for the shorter variants too. The 15 year short term fixed rate schemes at Chase bank stand at 3.500% interest rate today yielding an APR of 3.646%. The 15 year interest rate too remained more or less same as yesterday.

ARMs or adjustable rate mortgage schemes are flexible mortgage options offered by JP Morgan Chase Bank which can be acquired by you for financing your home purchase dream. The 5 year adjustable rate mortgage interest rates stood at 3.625% interest rate at Chase Bank carrying a starting APR of 3.134%. The long term 7 year ARMs can be acquired at 3.625% rate of interest in addition to an annual percentage rate of 3.225%.

JP Morgan Chase Bank’s partnership at San Antonio College of Business with University of Texas has certainly led to a brand new training program that Chase bank employees can utilize for receiving certificate credit. The entire course will be precisely taught by the instructors from UTSA at 2 regional operation centers located in San Antonio and is being reimbursed for by the bank at absolutely no cost to its staff members. There are presently about 67 employees who have signed up for this pilot program which is specifically created to hone the different skill sets that are needed for a higher level of expertise.

The partnership was first established in the year 2013 between the bank and the UTSA College of business for assisting the firm in meeting all its hiring demands for developing personalized programs for enhancing advancement opportunities for the staff members. The suitable training program is definitely the outgrowth of the same partnership.

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