Charlie Sheen Is Worse Than Chris Brown: He Beat His Ex-Fiancè And Forced Her To Have An Abortion

Brett Rossi, Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiancee, has now sued the actor on grounds of alleged assault and battery, as well as emotional distress and negligence over failing to disclose his HIV status when they began engaging in sexual relations back in 2013. Additionally, Rossi claims she was forced into an abortion after Sheen ranted she would give birth to a “retarded child.”

Last month, Sheen publicly disclosed on Today that he was HIV positive. Before discovering HIV medication in his cabinet, Rossi claims she and Sheen had sex on at least five occasions. Following a “heart to heart” talk with him, she agreed to maintain their relationship, continuing the unprotected sex. According to a spokeswoman for her law firm, Rossi is HIV negative.

“If Sheen had disclosed to Plaintiff that he was HIV positive when they met for the very first time, Plaintiff never would have engaged in sex with him, and the resulting relationship between the two would have never occurred,” states her lawsuit.

TMZ claims Rossi said she became pregnant in March 2014 and when Sheen found out, he had insisted he didn’t want a child, considering his HIV status. Rossi’s lawsuit states multiple outbursts and physical abuse, citing a threat from Sheen that he would “kick her to the curb” if she did not go through with the abortion.

Rossi shared that she and Sheen wanted to have a baby — the actor wanted to name it Charlie if it were a girl — but when he found out his then-girlfriend was pregnant, he became upset, claiming in the documents, “Sheen indicated that he did not want his child to have his blood type (HIV positive) and told [Rossi] that she had to have an abortion.”

Additionally, her suit also claims false imprisonment, sharing how Sheen “intentionally exercised force” to restrain or detain her. It also states that Sheen ended their relationship via text message in October 2014, prompting Rossi to go “into an emotional tailspin and became extremely depressed and ultimately attempted to commit suicide.”

Rossi also claimed Sheen, at one point, stopped taking his HIV medication and had once even pointed a gun at her, going to far as pulling the trigger  Allegedly, Sheen had once even thrown a cement pillar at her.

Charlie Sheen

Rossi’s complaint states she is now seeking professional help and medication for her mental health following her abuse from Sheen. (Image source: Wikimedia.)

She also claims Sheen put a hit out on her ex-husband; when she and Sheen started dating, she was still married to the man, Jonathan Ross, but was in the process of getting a divorce. On another occasion, Rossi claims Sheen was so angry with her that he began to engage in violent sex, refusing to stop despite Rossi already bleeding and pleading for him to halt.

On Sheen’s end, his attorney, Martin Singer, said, “Charlie Sheen intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit filed by Scottine Ross (Rossi’s birth name). We are confident that Mr. Sheen will prevail in this action and will prevail on his claims for affirmative relief against her.”

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