Capital One Financial Mortgage Rates Remain Unchanged; Bank Changed its Mobile Banking Log-in

Current Capital One Financial Mortgage Rates Remain UnchangedFollowing the same route for the few days, the standard 30 year fixed rate mortgage rates at Capital One Financial (NYSE: COF) continued to retain their position in the rates chart. The bank continues to publish the same mortgage rates on 8 November, 2013, despite the home loan market experience regular hiccups for the past few months.

Today, Capital One Financial listed its best 30 year fixed rate mortgage loan products at a rate of 4.125%, along with an annual percentage rate of 4.153% and discount points of 0.250%. For the borrowers who are interested in a little short period finance option, the lender provides 15 year fixed rate mortgages at the same rate of 3.375%, carrying the same APR yield of 3.424% but somewhat different discount points of -0.250%.

The America based lender also lists Jumbo mortgage options in its loan portfolio for the borrowers who are looking for something bigger and better. As for now, the bank has published its 30 year Jumbo fixed rate mortgages at a rate of 4.625% and an APR yield of 3.424%. The lender also caters to the needs of the borrowers looking for short term financing options by providing 15 year Jumbo FRMs at a rate of 3.875% and an annual percentage yield of 3.899%.

As far as the more flexible loan options are considered, Capital One Financial provides the 5 year adjustable rate mortgages at a rate of 3.000%, along with an APR yield of 2.9455 and discount points equivalent to -0.375%. The lender also includes the 7/1 ARM products in its portfolio at a rate of 3.375%, yielding an annual percentage rate of 3.133% and discount points of -0.500%.

If you are not pleased enough with the mortgage rates, Capital One Financial has decided to give you a novel reason to enjoy with its all new mobile banking log-in interface. As for now, the firm has decided to let the Apple users only enjoy this new interface, with the surprise being lined up for the Android users for early next year.

In the new application, Capital One has ditched the traditional alphanumeric password interface and has adopted a new, system dubbed, SureSwipe feature. With the help of this new feature, the users will now be able to log-in to their account easily by swiping a pattern across their iPhone’s screen, even while being chased by tons of Hoi polloi.

Disclaimer: The advertised rates were submitted by each individual lender/broker on the date indicated. Rate/APR terms offered by advertisers may differ from those listed above based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and other differences between an individual loan and the loan criteria used for the quotes.

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