Candy Crush, Vine, and Snapchat Top List of Smartphone Apps in 2013

Candy Crush SnapchatThere are logically millions of apps that are available through Apple Inc’s App Store as well as Google Inc’s Play app store. These two dominant marketplaces facilitate billions of unique downloads per year. For 2013, the most downloaded apps on both app stores were those focusing on gaming, communication, and entertainment.

Mobile marketing company, Fiksu, has come up with its own list of the most downloaded smartphone apps for the past year. Interestingly, the Boston-based firm reiterated that 2013 was an interesting year for app downloads in terms of milestones, maturation, and new trends. It added that the most popular apps in the year that was were still the familiar categories, which are at the same time offered in new twists.

Old favorites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were surely among the most popular apps on smartphones, either iOS or Android. But since most smartphone users have already downloaded the app versions of those services in the past years, new apps emerged on top of the list this year. Among those were Candy Crush Saga, Vine, and Snapchat.

Candy Crush Saga

Games have proven to still be the most popular category for app downloads in 2013. For iOS, Kindle Fire, and Android device users, the top downloaded free app was still Candy Crush Saga. It also emerged as the top app in terms of revenue generated. This is not surprising as the game app has been downloaded more than 500 million times since its 2011 launch.

According to Nielsen, more than 20 million smartphone users in the US downloaded to play the game as of October last year. That is why the mobile game’s UK-based creator, King, could never be happier. It was still the undisputed top free mobile game that is downloaded as an app.

Vine and Snapchat

Twitter Inc’s Vine video sharing app emerged as the fourth most downloaded app (free) in 2013. What endears it to users? Vine enables users of iPhone and Android devices to share videos online that are about six seconds in length. Estimates from Nielsen indicate that the app was downloaded for more than 6 million times in the US alone as of October 2013.

Meanwhile, another communications app, Snapchat also made it to the top list. The app was at No.6 on Fiksu’s chart. Through the app, users could send pictures and videos, which could instantly disappear shortly after those are viewed by users. Not surprisingly, its popularity prompted Facebook to offer billions of dollars just to acquire the company.

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