Calorie Restriction Diet Can Extend Your Life

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Healthy Food | The best diet to extend your life is the calorie restriction diet. Photo Credit: Twitter/Healthy Food

Calorie Restriction diet can extend your life. The diet looks like a good strategy for slow aging according to researchers.  A new study circulated that restricting calories is a key to live longer.  The study published in the journal Nature Communications however, involves a rhesus monkey.  But researchers of the study believed that humans can ‘highly likely’ experience the fountain of youth.

Results of previous study on animals such as mice, fruit flies, rats and certain worms found out that cutting calorie intake to a substantial amount could extend life according to Business Insider.  In a more recent study on a mouse, researchers even reduced its calorie consumption by 30 percent. Calorie reduction appears to help in the improvement health including brain performance.

Effects of Calorie Restriction

The effects of the calorie restriction diet seems to be different between the animals and humans.  What works for a mouse may not be applicable to a person.  The researchers remain hopeful that humans can take advantage of the results of the study conducted to monkeys. Primates are more likened to humans.  

Scientists from UW and NIA analyzes the data that calorie restriction extended the lives of the monkeys  and they seem to be more healthy.  The effect on calorie restriction on monkeys seems varied. Although, there are considerations on the monkeys’ diet, sex and age during the course of the study.  These are significant items for the dietary intervention of the primates.

Overall results explain that the monkey or rhesus macaques in the study was able to live three years longer on the calorie restriction diet.  This could translate to nine years for humans.  The study also brings an interesting observation to male monkeys.  The male primates are likely to incur more body fat if they also consume anything they what.  Researchers believe that the same is true to male humans.

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