California Teen Snags Lottery Prize Twice In One Week

A California teen had a sudden, major turnaround in her life. In a span of one week, a teenage managed to win the lottery twice. Against all odds, the teen managed to buy two winning lottery tickets from separate locations in California. That winning prize totals to more than $600,000.

19-year-old California teen Rosa Dominguez’s life changed after she bagged two winning lottery tickets in one week, says the California Lottery in a press release. The odds of winning the lottery is very low in itself, but being able to achieve the feat twice in a span of one week is something else.

Dominguez’s first came when she bought a $5 Power 5’s scratcher ticket at an Eagle Energy branch. The Paso Robles stop was made while the teen was driving home from Arizona. In the lottery ticket, Dominguez won the top prize of $555,555. “I was so nervous I just wanted to cry,” Dominguez told the California Lottery after winning the top prize.

After the amazing feat, the California teen decided to test out her luck yet again to see if she can win the lottery once more. She did this a few days after winning the lottery. The second time around, Dominguez bought a $5 Lucky Fortune scratcher ticket at a Valero gas station in Monterey County. The teen once again won the top prize but this time, the ticket was worth $100,000. Though smaller, the prize was still enough to support a teenager.

After winning the two lotteries, Dominguez claimed her prize at the California Lottery’s East Bay District Office in Hayward. The prize of the teen totals to $655,555. When asked about what she’ll do with the hefty sum, the teen tells the California Lottery that she wants to go shopping and she’s going to get herself a new car.

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