British Columbia Wildfire Worsens, More Residents Evacuated

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A strong British Columbia wildfire has worsened, with civilians being forced to evacuate their homes so that firefighters can try and stop it from spreading. Fourteen thousand people were evacuated from their homes in the Canadian province, with more firefighters coming around to stop the aforementioned wildfire. It’s so strong that 300 firefighters that aren’t in the province were brought in to help with the dire situation.

BBC News has confirmed that the federal government has also sent military aircrafts to assist, showing how bad the fire has gotten. Roughly 1,000 provincial firefighters are working to fight the wildfires, joined by about 200 contract firefighters from BC’s forestry industry. It’s gotten to the point that the province is now under a state of emergency, so it’s clear that the fire is a big threat.

C$100 million will be made available to help those affected by the wildfire, so it’s good to know that the government is helping out it’s victims from the province. The Canadian Red Cross is also accepting donations for those that were in British Columbia, so anyone willing to help can donate money or goods there. Citizens can only hope that this will be enough to help them, as the firefighters try to get rid of the fire and make the province habitable again.

British Columbia usually has 2,000 fires a year, though they can usually get contained within a day or so, as scary as that sounds. Sadly, two weeks of hot and dry conditions combined with gusty winds and lightning late last week have sparked many new aggressive fires of above-average scale and intensity. Hot and dry conditions are expected to continue over the next few days, along with lightning, so the possibility of more fires is scarily high. After these chains of incidents, civilians have to be careful and be more prepared.

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