Bride Treats Herself To McDonalds After Groom Takes Off To Play Paintball After Wedding

Antoinette Sullivan, 28, enjoying a quarter-pounder on her wedding day. Photo Source: SWNS

When one thinks of a wedding day, they typically think of a long, beautiful day celebrating the love of two people as they are joined in marriage.

After the ceremony, there is usually a reception full of dancing, then the newlywed pair heads off to their honeymoon for some much-deserved alone time.

However, after 28-year-old bride Antoinette Sullivan got hitched, she found herself alone on her wedding day as Miles, her brand-new husband, went to play paintball with his groomsmen.

So, what else is there for a hungry bride to do but head for McDonald’s to enjoy a nice burger?


Antoinette and Miles share a kiss after saying, “I do.” Photo source: SWNS

While most brides would have been understandably upset to be left alone right after the wedding ceremony, Antoinette took it with a sense of humor.

Their wedding day at England’s Hereford Town Hall had been on short notice, so there hadn’t been time for a bachelor party for the groom, and the groomsmen took this as their opportunity to kidnap Miles for some fun in the form of a paintball game.

After thinking about what she wanted to do in his absence, her empty stomach led her to the easy decision and she headed off to McDonald’s for some food.

While talking about the unusual conclusion to her wedding day, Antoinette said “When Miles went off with his mates I thought to myself, well if he can have his fun then I can I have mine… and I’d been craving junk food after months of dieting.”

For this hungry bride, a quarter-pounder paired with fries and mozzarella sticks was exactly what was needed in the moment, and according to her, “It was the best burger I’d ever eaten and the best way to mark the day.”

Nothing beats a burger after months of dieting. Photo source: SWNS

Nothing beats a burger after months of dieting. Photo source: SWNS

Everyone should be able to do what makes them happy on their wedding day, whether it’s sharing a dance at a wedding reception or if it happens to mean parting ways for paintball and burgers – and this couple did reunite later to celebrate as a couple with their friends.

The Sullivans truly seem meant to be, and from what Miles tells us, this was a pretty typical demonstration of love and understanding in their relationship. “I asked Antoinette first of course but she was great about it. We’re like that as a couple. I love her to bits.”

After celebrating their wedding day by first enjoying their separate activities and then returning to party with their friends, Miles and Antoinette left for their honeymoon at Tenby in Wales.

They only stayed for one day, though, before getting bored and spending the rest of their trip at the Alton Towers theme park.

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