Brexit Secretary Defends Theresa May For Being ‘Tough’

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Tom Spare | David Davis defends Theresa May. Photo Credit: Twitter/Tom Spare

Brexit Secretary, David Davis, said that he would not apologize for the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, recently made a threat to the European Union.  She wanted a deal that would work best for everyone. Furthermore, she said that there is no better deal than a bad deal.  This she said in a Brexit speech she made on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister threatened the European Union if they continued to make it hard for the United Kingdom.   She will decide to shift to a low-tax economy.  This, according to her, will make the United Kingdom a tempting place to trade with and do business than the European Union.  The UK will exit the single market, but made it clear that it will adhere to some key single market agreements.  And, it will perhaps stay in the Customs Union, according to Sky News.  Mrs. May, however, is expecting some grilling from the MPs, according to Express. She plans to allow the United Kingdom to continue doing business with 27 of its former partners.  This will happen without paying huge amounts of money into the EU budgets.

David Davis, on the other hand, revealed that he does not want to apologize for being too ambitious for the sake of Britain, and in Europe, too. He also revealed that between the Prime Minister and the EU, it’s going to be a tough negotiation. But, Prime Minister May is firm in what she wants and what she’s set out to see happen.  The MPs are ready to ask the Prime Minister about her strategy when she appears in the Commons. Mrs May, however, is very confident that she could strike a favorable deal between the UK and the EU within the deadline. According to her, a good deal for Britain will be just as good for Europe.

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