Breath of Fire 6 Announced for Upcoming Release

Breath of Fire 6 Announced for Upcoming ReleaseA new entry to the Breath of Fire game series has finally been announced after over a decade of anticipation for a new title, coming complete with some new game twists.

It was revealed by Capcom that Breath of Fire 6 will be released as an online touch-based RPG for mobile devices, tablets and PC browsers only. This will be the first of the Breath of Fire series not to be released for any of the home console systems. There is still no exact release date announced for this new game but it was noted that it will be sometime in early 2014.

It came to many fan’s surprise that the classic Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) series would release their first for the series in a decade as a strictly mobile and browser game. In the past Breath of Fire game titles have released for mobile phones but strictly in Japan with unnumbered titles and positioned as spin-off stories all of which released shortly after Breath of Fire 5 in 2003.

In addition to the surprise the disappointing news has been announced Capcom is still unsure that Breath of Fire 6 will release outside of Japan and be available for Western gamers to play. The company has mentioned that it is still considering the games suitability in the local market and what resources Capcom has to assure they can provide a high quality product to western gamers. Although disappointing news  loyal fans of the series can expect a re-release of Breath of Fire 2 on the Nintendo Wii U virtual system.

Capcom also announced six new titles that will be coming to the iOS including:

  • Street Fighter Battle Combination
  • Monster Hunter Big Hunting Quest
  • Street Fighter X All Capcom
  • Monhun Everyday Airu Life
  • Frontier of Discovery
  • Codename: Rio

The original Breath of Fire was released on April 3, 1993 in Japan for the Super Nintendo console and since then Capcom has released four more successful titles in the series. The second installment came out December 2, 1994 again for the Super Nintendo. It wasn’t until series 3 and 4 that the title made it to the Playstation systems.

Though each game has its own unique story line, the series is known for its unchanged characters that have followed through each title. The story is set in a fictional medieval style world that includes such mythical creators as Dragons and includes the use of Magic.

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