Brazil Prison Riot Kills 56, Inmates Beheaded

Brazil prison riot kills 56, dozens injured. Photo Credit: Twitter/Amichai

Brazil prison riot kills at least 56 inmates.  The rioters burned and beheaded some bodies, according to officials.  The riot lasted for 17 hours in Anisio Jobim Penitentiary Complex, or Compaj, in Manaus,.  The prison is in the Amazonas state, Brazil.

Officials added that the rioters took 12 guards hostage, 144 prisoners also escaped prison.  Authorities also confirmed that inmates had firearms exchanged gunfire with police officers. Amazona’s head of public security, Sergio Fontes, said in a report that the incident in Compaj is the worst massacre in the history of the state’s penitentiary system since 1992 in Sao Paolo.

It is infamous as being the most deadly across Latin America. Fontes requested support from Brazil’s federal government for assistance, reports Al Jazeera.  The requested aid was in its fight against drug trafficking and to strengthen prison security.

Initial reports stated that there were 60 dead in the riot, reports Yahoo news.  Upon confirmation of the public security’s department, the number of dead is 56.  Bodies stacked outside the prison yards.  One AFP photographer was able to take photos of the bodies.

In a separate news from NBC, another riot in another Amazon prison killed four inmates.  Authorities conducted an investigation if there was a connection with the prison riot in Anisio Jobim Penitentiary Complex.  Not only that, but with a recent one in Unidade Prisonal do Puraquequara.

Brazil’s Powerful gangs: A war in an out of prison

A powerful gang inside the prison wanted to send a message out.  These are the Family of the North (FDN).  They wanted to send a message to their rival gangs.  One of which is First Capital Command (PCC).  These two are the largest gangs in Brazil.  FDN wanted to kill PCC members inside the prison and to send a message of terror.

Brazil’s prisons are often ruled by drug gangs. Their turf wars on the outside are also brought in on inmates.  Furthermore, Fontes added that there is a silent war on drug trafficking and the state should intervene.

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