Boost Mobile Sells Moto G Handsets for $129.99 without Contract

Boost Mobile Sells Moto G Handsets without ContractThose who are planning to buy Moto G could have another good option to consider. Boost Mobile has just announced its best offer to customers who intend to purchase the latest Motorola smartphone. The wireless carrier launched its offer on the Home Shopping Network. It also disclosed plans to roll out the offer through other retailers this month.

Thus, beginning January 14, the company’s customers could buy the low-cost handset through About a week after that, it is expected that the same deal would be available exclusively in selected partner retail stores across the country.

The Moto G from Boost Mobile could be purchased for just $129.99. What’s more? The deal does not come with the typical two-year subscription contract, which is a standard practice in many other wireless networks. Indeed, Moto G is becoming more affordable in the market.

Motorola and Boost Mobile

Moto G would not be the first Motorola handset to be offered by Boost Mobile. The wireless carrier had been offering Motorola phones in the past, with the last offered to customers in 2011. But the unit would be the first Motorola handset to be carried by the network operator since the smartphone manufacturer was acquired by Google Inc.

Moto G from Boost Mobile also comes pre-loaded with NextRadio, the popular interactive app for FM radio. The app is noted for consuming less battery as it streams audio through the built-in FM radio tuner rather than through the Internet. Boost Mobile customers could also obtain free 50GB of storage on Google Drive for the next two years.

The offer does not end there. Boost Mobile also offers no-contract unlimited plans to customers buying Moto G for just $55 per month. The carrier has a unique commitment to slash $5 from that amount for every six timely payments, which could further shrink the cost to just $40 per month. It comes with unlimited talk, text, and data for customers nationwide.

Moto G

Moto G was launched in November as a low-cost smartphone. Back then, Motorola committed to make the handset an affordable alternative that would outperform the more popular and more expensive higher-end devices particularly those from industry leaders Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc.

During its launch, the 8GB version of Moto G had an original price tag of $179 through The 16GB version cost $199. Both versions of the handset were launched without any network subscription contract and without any locked SIM.

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