Boko Haram Uses Infants For Suicide Bombings

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Opinion River | Infants are being used by female Boko Haram suicide bombers to pass undetected. Photo Credit: Twitter/Opinion River

Nigerian authorities warn the citizens that female suicide bombers are now bringing babies along with them. This is to avoid detection in performing their planned attacks. These female suicide bombers are part of the Boko Haram, Nigeria’s militant Islamist group. They have used children in the past as young as 8 years old to detonate bombs.

Boko Haram uses a child in one out of five bombings in the last two years, confirms UNICEF. The use of children in their attacks, especially young girls, is very alarming, says UNICEF regional spokesman Laurent Dauvillier.  she confessed that the action is like having these girls turn against their communities by using them as bomb media. Since 2014, there have been 44 child suicide bombings reported.

Recently, two women carried babies and walked through a checkpoint. They posed as civilians and were able to deceive the authorities. Later, they detonated the bombs, instantly killing themselves, the two babies and four other people, reports BBC. Although Boko Haram did not claim responsibility over the attack, it is more than likely that they are the ones to blame.

Boko Haram uses children, both boys and girls

According to International Business Times, the trend of using women and young girls to detonate bombs has grown rampant. Boko Haram kidnaps the women and young girls to carry out the deed. They usually choose overcrowded places such as schools, marketplaces and places of worship to attack. The militant group is also responsible for the deaths of about 15,000. The Institute of Economics and Peace considers them the world’s deadliest terrorist group.

The children are the victims of this crisis. Boko Haram abducts them from their schools. Others get separated from their families and recruited to be part of the militant group. They also force the boys to attack their own families.  The boys also pledge allegiance to them. Luckily, some of them gets released, but faces a social stigma and rejection by peers.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government has not stopped fighting off this group of terrorists. They have now recaptured their former territory. But, in response, Boko Haram sets out more suicide bombings in the country.

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